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Josh Doubtfire • Senior student spotlight

A common misconception about Head Held High is that we only teach speech and drama lessons for little kids. That couldn't be further from the truth.

We also have dozens of senior students (Year 9 - 13) who take speech and drama or communications lessons with us.

In this "Senior Student Spotlight" interview, we chat with Josh Doubtfire. He's a prime example of the fantastic things being done by our senior students; using his skills learned at Head Held High to better himself, his career, and his community. Youth Parliament, ocean swimming, speed dating and cyber seniors... A student of ours for 9 years, Josh is a young man doing fascinating and inspiring things including being a Youth Parliament MP and running for Auckland Council.

In this interview, Josh chats to us about what it was like being a part of Youth Parliament, the excitement of running for Auckland Council as a 19 year old and how he's putting his years of Head Held High training to good use as a budding politician.

We also wade into areas like the dangers of being kicked in the face while ocean swimming, 'speed dating' as a political candidate, and an incredible local initiative Josh started called "Cyber Seniors".

After watching the video, we're sure you'll agree that Josh is a young man worthy of keeping an eye on.

In shooting the interview with Josh we actually chatted for half an hour. The video you see above is an edited down version of our chat, but if you'd like to see a longer version of the interview and hear more in-depth thoughts and opinions from Josh on a wider range of topics, you can watch here.

And lastly, to see something really impressive, check out Josh speaking in parliament earlier this year during the mock debate session about climate change legislation!

Keep up the great work Josh! You're doing fantastic things for your local community, but most of all we just love who you are as a person and are proud to have you as part of our Head Held High whānau :)

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