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The success of our programme is based on the individualised tuition your child will receive. We identify the areas your child needs to develop and tailor the programme to suit. There is a maximum of 5 students in a group. Lessons are 30 minutes in duration and occur on a weekly basis over the school term.


We offer professional certificate and diploma qualifications through our association with the New Zealand Speech Board and the Trinity College of London, one of the world’s foremost Speech and Drama colleges.


Junior Fees (Year 1 - 8) 

Group Lessons - 30 minutes - $220

Pair Lessons - 30 minutes - $300 

Private Lessons - 30 minutes - $410

Senior Fees (Year 9 - 13)

Group Lessons (3 students) - 45 minutes - $300

Pair Lessons - 45 minutes - $410

Private Lessons - 30 minutes - $410 

To enrol your child in Speech and Drama lessons, please click here:


It is a pleasure to have Kate and the team from Head Held High working at Westmere School. The programme is motivating, well organised and is enhancing the confidence of our children. I highly recommend this programme if you are looking to enhance your children's opportunities to grow in self expression and confidence. Carolyn Merino Principal Westmere School

Connor has attended Speech and Drama lessons with Head Held High for the last 3 years, having successfully completed 3 Trinity S and D exams. The lessons are NOT just about Speech or Drama though, they're a whole lot more!  From learning how to greet people, learning phone manners, learning how to hold a book when reading out loud to an audience and making appropriate audience eye contact, learning how to prepare a speech, how to build an interesting beginning and an exciting conclusive end and very importantly, how to deliver the speech in a confident manner.  Connor's confidence and development has grown considerably from his lessons and above all, he really, really enjoys them.  Kate has high standards and expects the best from her pupils, guiding them, supporting them and encouraging them to be the best they can be. Kay Morris

Ever since I was a little girl I had the same dream every night. I really wanted wanted to become an actor but I knew it would not be easy. Just last year I discovered I can’t do it on my own so I started Head Held High with Holly. She is teaching me loads of important things about acting and without her help I would not have got the role on a television advertisement. Molly Last (Year 6 student)

Over the past two years, I have gained a great deal of confidence from Speech and Drama lessons. I discovered my own hidden ability to speak in front of audiences and communicate effectively - and I have discovered just how much I enjoy public speaking. I have gained a number of skills that are useful in a wide range of contexts and will stand me in good stead for the future. Oscar Sims (Year 13 student)

Lessons with Holly have been really beneficial for increasing our son's confidence and willingness to speak out in class. He presented his class assembly in the last week of term which involves reading through all the assembly items for the week, probably a good 45 minutes of being up on stage with lots of people watching and listening. He would never had considered doing that before his lessons with Holly and he feels pretty good about his school speech which he has to do on the second day back to school this term. Belinda Parsons

Emmeline started speech and drama with Head Held High in Year 3 and has completed Trinity exams successfully each year.  She loves the lessons!  We have seen her grow in confidence to speak publically and very ably with people of all ages.  And there is nothing better than being complemented on your child’s good manners!  I can wholeheartedly recommend Head Held High to any parent, for any child. Melinda Gardner

I am so thankful for the time and energy that Holly and Kate have devoted to Luke, who loves his Speech and Drama classes.  I can see that he is being taught great life and personal skills and importantly he says he always feels better after the time he has spent going to classes. Thank you for letting me sit in on one of his sessions.  It is a real joy to see the expressive, funny, imaginative person that we know at home with us, and his confidence in sharing himself with other people. The positive, encouraging atmosphere, and fun challenges that Holly and Kate give him really seems to bring out that side of him. Richard Gee

"I have a mild stutter, but in my Speech and drama classes I felt it didn't matter whether I stuttered or not - because it is a very positive and non judgemental environment. The lessons are great fun and it has given me more confidence in my speaking. I am very proud of my speech and drama exam results."  Ben Routley (Year 7 student)

Our daughter has been having Speech and Drama lessons with Kate Hurst for 3 years. Over the time we have seen her confidence develop and have noticed that her pronunciation and articulation have improved enormously. Madeleine no longer finds standing up and speaking in front of an audience daunting and we are sure that the skills she has acquired helped her win her school speech competition this year. She loves going to her lesson each week and we think the classes have been, and will continue to be, a very valuable part of her personal development. Amanda Tilley

Kate Hurst has been my Speech and Drama teacher for the last 2 years. She has helped me refine my craft to a higher degree and further realise my potential. She is an amazing teacher and helped me to achieve my best in all aspects of Speech and Drama. Stephanie Ramlose (Year 10 student)

Doing Speech and Drama with Sophie is great because we do lots of fun games, we recite poetry and she helps us with expression so that we can speak well in public, despite being nervous. Sean Trombitas (Year 4 student)

I have been doing Speech and Drama classes with Kate and Sophie now for three years. They have been three years of confidence, learning new things, and fun. Ever since I started lessons in year 5, I have been proud of my achievements in public speaking and drama - in the class, at school, and in the exam room. Speech and Drama classes have been the leg up that I needed to become a more confident speaker. But that's not the most important thing about the classes:  they are really fun too! Guy Williams (Year 7 student)